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Image may contain: 3 people, crowdLesley Botha and Jennifer Paterson are Rotarians with Kirstenbosch Rotary Club and through Rotary were introduced to John Muir of Frost Attorneys. John has been involved with Eldene Primary School in Elsie River, Cape Town for the past four years and formed the Kidz Club to help these pupils. Many of these children come from impoverished and/or abusive backgrounds and are facilitated every alternate Saturday by the Cape Town Church of Christ.

Approximately 200 leaners from the school are supported through this psychosocial intervention. Interventions are required for children who are made vulnerable at an early age as a result of various social factors.



Image may contain: 3 people, people standingJohn comments “a successful transition into adulthood depends heavily on these types of interventions as well as consistent support through all key developmental stages. Services offered to the children also include nutritional support. Key to this is ensuring that nutritional support programmes continue during the holidays when the school is closed.”

John adds that it has been said “IT IS EASIER TO RAISE STRONG CHILDREN THAN TO REPAIR BROKEN MEN.” Sage words indeed …!

Through John, Trans Africa Safaris, organized a snake show for the children and gave each of the 200 children a Christmas hamper comprising various sweets, chocolates, drinks and a toy. TAS is not sending Christmas cards this year and decided to support this school in lieu of cards.


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