André Botha

André Botha
Sales & Marketing Director

Born in Cape Town, I grew up in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape and I did my schooling there. I moved to Cape Town in 1986 and have lived here since. After finishing my tertiary studies in Management, Marketing and Sales, I started my working career in sales with a pharmaceutical company and then, after a year, took a marketing position with a leading wine and spirits company in Stellenbosch.

In 1994, I joined Trans Africa Safaris, where my role is to oversee all the marketing and sales activities. I know there appears to be hedonist thread here – drugs, booze & travel, but this was totally unintentional!

I am married to Lesley Paterson Botha and we have two wonderful children, Nicholas and Adrienne.
My hobbies and interests include tennis, cycling, running, hiking, DIY, gardening, wine and reading. I love the outdoors, nature and especially wild, untouched places. My pet peeve is litter…


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