Beverley Paterson Ferguson

bevBeverley Paterson Ferguson

Born and raised in Johannesburg where I was part of the tourism industry as a child, my father Brian Paterson was a pioneer in tourism to Southern Africa and in our early years, my sisters Jennifer, Lesley and I were involved in meeting many groups and clients, often singing the national anthem on tour coaches after the “meet the South African evenings”.
My career in travel has included working as a Travel Agent, as well as (in my brief break from the family business) being involved in sales for some suppliers.
I am a divorced lady with two gorgeous “sporty” boys, Brian (18) and Ross (16).  I love long beach holidays with a good book, wildlife (who doesn’t?)  and my career.   I am an eager cook and enjoy all good food and wine (this of course is evident from my waistline!) and I adore spending time with my children, my partner Weston and my family!!



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