Jennifer Paterson

picture29-pngJennifer Paterson
Managing Director

As a schoolgirl, I always wanted to become a teacher.  I used to work for my dad in the school holidays and enjoyed making people’s dreams come true (even though at the time, I did not actually plan the itineraries or manage – I only answered the phones, filed and did a bit of typing).  Since 1978, tourism is the path I finally chose.   Having worked in every aspect of the business, from cleaning cars, doing transfers, suggesting superb itineraries to managing,  I am happiest when I am busy, and when I am teaching agents, clients or our awesome staff something about Southern Africa – you see I still get to be the teacher. I love planning and making long “to do lists”.   My father taught me almost everything I know about tourism.  Since taking over the helm when he passed away in 1993, I have learnt a few more tricks of the trade.

I am a Past President of the Rotary Club of Kirstenbosch – and my passion is to make people happy, whether it be a child in a safe-house, making sure travellers have a superb holiday in Southern Africa or entertaining my friends and family – long lunches around the dining room table or out at the pool.  On the weekends if we are not entertaining, you will around idle.  I get bored after 5 minutes.  My friends always tell me that to relax I need to sit and do nothing, but that is not going to happen.

The only thing I wish I could change in life, is that my father could have been alive to see my beautiful son, Michael, and his 4 cousins grow up.  He would have been very proud.

My special moments in life have always, and will always continue to involve my mother, my son and his girlfriend.


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