The Travel Alliance




The Travel Alliance is an association of award-winning destination specialists, recognized internationally for their enlightened trip planning, insider access and exceptional guides. Leveraging the talents of like-minded tour operators across many countries, The Travel Alliance dedicates itself to delivering tailor-made itineraries of uncompromising quality. We invite only the best of our peers to join the alliance, and then constantly monitor performance to ensure its continued excellence. As separate companies within individual countries, we have changed the way people travel. As a world-wide travel alliance, we offer you the same expertise across the globe.

Enjoy tailor-made travel experiences with the assurance of quality through our network of worldwide independent owner operators.

Trans Africa Safaris is a proud founding member of The Travel Alliance.

Members: Entrée Destinations, I.C. Bellagio, Imperial Tours, Made for Spain, Southern Crossings, Trans Africa Safaris

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