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Lunar eclipse and a supermoon causing rough seas in Cape Town.

Credit: Craig FoxIn the early hours of Monday morning, 28 September, South Africa was one of only six places in the world where moon-gazers were able to see one of the rarest astronomical events in years.

Both a lunar eclipse and a supermoon took place, meaning the moon was darkened by the Earth’s shadow during one of its brightest phases known as a perigee moon – this is when the full or new moon comes closest to the Earth making it appear bigger and brighter.

The moon usually comes as close as 366 000km to Earth, but Monday morning’s “supermoon” came a startling 5 600km closer. The proximity had a chaotic effect on the sea’s tides.
At least two popular restaurants overlooking the sea were lashed by huge waves, with the force of the water crashing through windows, causing extensive damage and flooding.Picture1
The supermoon coincided with a full lunar eclipse and the moon was seen big and red on Monday at about 3am.
About an hour later, the alarm at the Harbour House restaurant in Kalk Bay was set off. When the restaurant’s management arrived, they found water had swept through the restaurant. The seawater also flooded Lucky Fish, the fast food restaurant at the entrance to Harbour House.

We found this event extremely fascinating, two members of staff even got up in the early morning to view the lunar eclipse! Our tours team were scheduled to do a site inspection of the Cape Point routing and restaurant options on Monday morning and on their arrival at Harbour House they were shocked by the damage. While there they noticed the extremely rough ocean. After doing some reading about the event and to learn more, we stumbled upon this amazing video, compliments of’s really quite interesting.…

Images – Compliments of Harbour House. Bear in mind that Harbour House is about 3 stories higher than the ocean level.



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