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‘The cat is out the bag’, and it’s a big one at that. Mashatu Euphorbia is the much anticipated 5-star camp on Mashatu and will begin welcoming guests in June 2020. Mashatu Euphorbia be will be unique when compared to camps throughout the rest of Botswana, situated high up on a cliff face, with a never-ending view over the massive, rolling plains of Mashatu.

The villas, designed with curves and slopes, the roofs of which resemble the seed of the Mopane tree, an incredibly valuable food resource on Mashatu that sustains the wildlife populations in the dry season.

The attributes of this camp are many, but some key features include:

  • Completely ‘green,’ using solar, heat exchanges and advanced waste technology systems
  • The feeling of exclusivity, with only 8 suites
  • Characteristically of Mashatu, there will be 2 WC’s and two showers in each villa; inside and outdoors respectively. A ‘loo with a view’; and spectacular views at that
  • Heated pools for each suite

Mashatu, takes its name from the locally sacrosanct Mashatu or Nyala Berry Tree which grow very big and boast beautiful dark green, lush foliage. Known as the “Land of Giants” for the exceptionally large animals that roam this terrain, the wildlife, landscapes and vegetation are truly awe-inspring.

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