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Having just returned from a visit to Namibia, we wanted to share with you how beautiful and diverse this country is – truly magnificent photographic opportunities and dramatic, spectacular scenery.
From game-viewing in the Etosha National Park via the Skeleton Coast to Serra Cafema on the Kunene River, right on the Angolan border. River cruises, ATV rides in the dunes and nature drives – here you feel like you are the only person on earth! Visiting the Himba people in the middle of the desert – a fascinating, if not somewhat unbelievable experience. A more remote, unique and spiritual place, one will be hard-pressed to find …

Then onto Damaraland – rugged and harsh, and we were lucky enough to see the Desert Elephants as well as several Welwitschia plants which can live for up to 2 000 years and have a tap root that extends many metres into the desert sands.

In a nutshell – simply amazing! Let us help you share this wonderful destination with your clients.

Best regards,
Lesley & André


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