“To My Dear Friends at Trans Africa Safaris,

Having now concluded yet another successful trip provided by your company and having a happy and satisfied client, I was thinking about how wonderful it has been to enjoy such a long association.  But then it occurred to me that perhaps you don’t realize just how long that association is:  40 years!!

I first got to know Trans Africa Safaris in 1977 when I was living in Johannesburg and working for a company that organized international conferences, and the first one I was involved in took place in Cape Town.  At that time, I had the privilege of working with Brian Paterson and we hit it off extremely well. No surprises there as I remember him fondly as a lovely man, and he provided all the services we needed for this quite sizeable convention (500+ I think).  After I moved back to Canada in the late 1970s, I lost touch with your company until you became members of Virtuoso (our retail agency was the first Canadian company to join what was then known as API in the early 1990s), and happily we’ve kept in touch ever since.  Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of not only doing business with you from time to time but to hosting some of you in my home as well as being hosted in yours – staying with Jennifer in 2005.

Though I’ve been officially retired from the industry since selling my agency 15 years ago, I really enjoy the fact that we are still in contact and that I can send you the occasional client with the full confidence that they will be in good hands.  Trans Africa Safaris is a unique organization in having withstood the test of time and the wild roller-coaster world of the travel industry.  Your Dad and Andre’s father-in-law set the bar high and you have all done him proud in not only maintaining his standards and commitment to excellence and professional expertise, but in growing the company and enhancing its well-deserved reputation.  So, thank you.  It has been a pleasure, as always, working with you.

Even though I don’t get to South Africa anymore, I hope that if any of you find yourselves in Toronto, you will get in touch.

With fondest regards to you all,”

Fiona  Agent  Canada

“My best VIP Virtuoso clients just returned from a 25-day private, customized trip through East Africa, Botswana, South Africa (including the Blue Train) and Zambia.  Trans Africa was referred to me by a colleague, and I have to tell you that my clients’ experience was without a doubt the best it could have been.  Every detail was handled to the letter.  The efficiency and attention really exceeded my expectations.

They were very communicative and kept me in the loop at every turn.  They checked in with the clients often and sent me update emails as well which was great.  Going above and beyond was hand delivering a birthday gift to my client on her birthday while they were in Cape Town.

What an outstanding company!  They made me look like an absolute star although they did most of the work!!  My clients are now thinking about taking their kids back next year, and without a doubt, I will be contacting Trans Africa Safaris.”

Becky Agent USA

“You all are one of our top suppliers in volume and are great business partners. Also, we regard you all as much more than that, you are considered a friend. This is not something that we pass along to just anyone either. Of course, as in the past, and into the future, when we think of which inbound to choose from we will always think of Trans Africa Safaris first and foremost.

Even though we are small agency, everyone here, believes as I do, that you are number one.”

Josh • Agent • USA

“I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic trip we had to Africa.  The tours, lodges and game drives were wonderful, and we would definitely recommend all of the venues that we stayed at.  Also, the guide who picked us up in Johannesburg was a wealth of information, and personally escorted us to the security line at the airport.  Many thanks to all at Trans Africa Safaris for truly “the trip of a lifetime.”  We hope to someday visit again!!”

Ginger & Ed • Client • USA 

“I was extremely happy with the immediate response from the Cape Town office and I even called there and chatted with Michelle.  Beverley has also been absolutely great to work with.  I was happy with the efficiency and the competitive price quote and these ladies have been able to accommodate my clients on what I call their “speed tour.”  I hate when clients do this and despite my persistent protests that they didn’t have enough time, they wouldn’t budge on the schedule.”

Michelle • Agent • USA

“Working with Trans Africa Safaris is easy, the work is flawless; 100% guarantee of success. Comments from our clients who recently visited Cape Town, Johannesburg and Singita:

The trip was really great! The  guides did a terrific job of coordinating everything and making sure every little detail or demand was taken care of to perfection. I started working yesterday but am having a hard to time focusing. My mind is full of the wonderful images of these 2 weeks  spent in South Africa!”

Vera • Agent • Sao Paulo

“Michelle, thanks so much for your wonderful note – you guys are the absolute best.  You just made my day and it’s only 11 am!   As I’ve told my client on many occasions during the planning of this trip, one of my favorite things about my job is being excited FOR people before they even leave on their first African adventure, and then living it vicariously day by day while the trip is in progress.  After all, before you go, you simply have no idea what to expect…but I do, and so it’s kind of like planning a surprise party for someone in that regard.

I’ll look forward to hearing more…that’s another part I like, hearing from people after it’s all over.  You’ll find that as much as you enjoy the trip while it’s happening, your appreciation for it will deepen as time goes on and you reflect back on it.”

Tom • Agent • USA


I have just received an email from the Rodriguez family telling me this has been one of the best trips of their life time.  Thanks for your advice and guidance to build them a unique itinerary, all the land services were on time, excellent vehicles, the hotels were super, the experience in the BUSH was amazing and they fell in love with Cape Town!

Once again THANKS – you have done excellent work, from the moment you received our request to the end of the trip.
For me as a Travel Advisor it is a pleasure to work with you.”

Karla • Agent • Venezuela

“What can I say?  Of course, everything was amazing.  Rwanda overall was breath-taking, and I was completely taken by the beautiful babies everywhere.  The gorillas were life-changing of course, and I am so glad that we went.  Something my nieces will not ever forget.  And Sabora was perfection. . . we were there in time for the last remaining smaller herds of zebra and wildebeest, and in fact, ended up being grateful that the huge masses were not moving through camp all day and all night.  I was told that it is impossible to sleep!!

I truly relished not having any cell or internet service in Botswana and minimal service in Rwanda.  That is heaven for me!

Believe it or not, we are already in discussion to take our son and daughter-in-law, and our 3 grandsons to Africa in 3 years.  We saw SO many families with kids this trip, probably because of the time of year we traveled there.
I think that the highest compliment I can pay you is about how “seamless” everything was. . ..not a worry about a connection, a plane, a room, or anything at all makes for a very pleasurable and reassuring trip.
I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.
Will be in touch. Fondly,”

Beth • Client • USA

“Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely, thoughtful report below.  It is so fun to hear about what my clients are doing and how much fun they are having.

I have heard RAVE reviews from both Jen and Jamie about their time in Cape Town.  Here is a direct copy/paste from Jen:
We are having a blast here — it is SO beautiful — the hotel was perfect and everything has run like clockwork…just perfect! We loved our guide, Chris, he was so fun for the kids!
Thanks for putting together an amazing trip! 

Thank you, thank you for all your great assistance with this and looking after this special family!!
I look forward to working with you both again in the near future!”

Angie • Agent • USA 

“Lesley, I now know why colleagues and industry friends have suggested you are the best of the best. You and your team really pulled out all the stops. You are a wonderful resource and I thoroughly enjoyed working with your company.

Thanks for making us look good once again.”

Peter • Agent • USA

“Our adventure in SA is winding down although we are still savoring the last day at Rattray’s before heading to Joburg. I want to take a few minutes now though to try to describe what this adventure has been like for me, and what it has meant to all of us. To say that the trip was a “resounding success” does not do justice to the glory and excitement of the last 18 days. My friends have never been able to enjoy a trip like this, and in spite of all of my own travels, neither have I. I think that the most important aspect of this excursion to a new and different country  has been to experience just how impeccably each day was organized, and how seemingly effortlessly each specific plan for the day was accomplished with a minimum of stress and a maximum of ease. I suspect Clive felt at first that he might be “herding cats,” but he soon discovered that we are a group with humor, that we are action-oriented, and he soon fell into our laughter and teasing. Clive is the best guide I have ever had, and I have had quite a few over the years. He was engaging, responsive, knowledgeable, funny and calm … all very good qualities in any guide. He also went the extra mile for us, and when it was time to say goodbye I think we all suffered pangs in our hearts.

Here in Mala Mala, what can I say? This is my 4th safari, but by far the best, the most luxurious and what I never expected was the privileged opportunity to see the “big five” and so much more. Oohs and aahs every day from the Land Rover, thousands of photos and special moments, including a kill by wild dogs, a posing leopard, then a hunting leopard, a fish eagle, wild dogs and hyenas, etc.

But the MOST special and moving aspect of this trip  are for me the birthday gestures which were so touching. Cakes, dancing and songs in the bush, the surprise trip to the townships, the candle at Mosaic and even more cleverness in Cape Town … it was all almost too much and I will never be able to commemorate any birthday quite as dramatically again!

Trans Africa Safaris has given us all the trip of a lifetime, and we keep saying this without meaning it to sound trite. Sometimes there are no words to describe an experience that so far exceeds the limits of ones hopes and fantasies.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing just that.”

Best wishes,
Jean • Client • USA

“My thanks to you for taking such good care of my clients.  They have sent me glowing reports of their trip and already saying they want to return.

They had a wonderful, memorable vacation.  I will not hesitate to use you in the future when I have requests for Southern Africa.”

Vickie • Agent • USA

“I just got off the phone with Ashley and she and her family had the BEST EXPERIENCE during their recent trip to your country.  Every guide was superb, every detail went off without a hitch.  The guide “Eric” was exceptional as were all the guides throughout.

THANK YOU is not adequate, but it is all they and I can say.

Another job well done by the excellent staff at Trans Africa!”

Joe • Agent • USA

“As you may have already heard, everything with the trip was perfect. The excitement and beauty of the places visited was enhanced by the comfort of being met promptly at each stop and of the impeccable coordination.  We certainly give Trans Africa the highest possible accolades.  The lodges selected were wonderful, and their level of service and welcoming atmosphere of staff made the trip supreme.

We would certainly recommend Trans Africa to anyone we know.”

Ross • Client • USA

“Michelle, I had experienced Trans Africa Safaris a long time ago, and we’ve had a few clients travel with you – but until this trip I really didn’t understand the extent to which you go to make the clients’ experience the best ever. I was so impressed with the detailed instructions you provided to the guides, and the fact that you provided the detailed itinerary to the hotels as well; with the smooth handling of our flight delay – and Clive’s observation about the weather and suggestion to change the Table Mountain tour. I know now that I will do my utmost to persuade
every South Africa prospect to select the Trans Africa proposal for their trip.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful job!”

Marion • Agent • USA

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