Jade Van Niekerk

Jade Van Niekerk
Tour Consultant

Born and raised in the Mother City, I am a child of Africa and proudly South African. It was by chance that I studied Travel and Tourism and have been working in wholesale since I graduated with a diploma from the Collage of Cape Town in 2001. The knowledge I gained the past 16yrs has seen my ‘first job’ evolve into a passion; “I create and manage dream vacations which showcase Africa to the rest if the world’.

I feel privileged to be part of an industry which has transformed from being a platform for selling top destinations to becoming an ambassador for the conservation and preservation of areas, habitats, cultures and wildlife.

What keeps me going is the fact that somewhere around the world someone is reminiscing or sharing memories of a visit to Africa that I was involved in planning. With this in mind I am always reminded that my attention to detail affects the outcome of whether a vacation is regarded as immensely awesome or incredibly awful.

My motto: I only have this 1 life, no re-takes, do overs or exchanges. I am an ordinary person created uniquely to do extraordinary things……………..



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