Kamiela Green

Kamiela Green
Accounting Assistant

“Born, bred and fed on the cape flats, my city, my home, is Cape Town.

Firstly and most  importantly I am a mother to a handsome son, Noah. My leisure time is almost always spent with family and friends. When I do get a “free” moment I enjoy baking and preparing desserts.

After graduating I’ve always worked in the financial Industry, privileged to have worked in various departments.

As a young lady I’ve always aspired  to pursue my love for interior and exterior design, I find myself  doing something equally rewarding and very stimulating.

I get to experience the exterior beauty my country has to offer daily. I’m especially privileged to live in a city that is so diverse, from it’s delicious cape Malay cuisine to the variation of cultures within my midst .

Positioning myself with such a reputable company which has been around for 100 years has only ignited my desire to Travel  even more. I am confident that I will prosper in my position given the opportunity to develop, attain the pertinent skills and also possessing the ability to uphold the values and calibre of this company.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome every traveller to our unique country and I hope they get to experience everything beautiful we have to offer.

My motto has always been “ Life is too short to live the same day twice”


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