Sharon Byrne

Sharon Byrne
Tour Consultant

Hello everyone. Here’s introducing myself J Sharon Louise Byrne, born in Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.

I immigrated to South Africa, Durban in 1982; but after three years there decided to migrate down to the Mother City, Cape Town home of one of the wonders of the world –  Table Mountain!  Who can say no to seeing that view each day.

I was fortunate enough to “fall” into hospitality in Durban and have worked at a couple of stunning properties and met some amazing people. Names I cannot drop.However,  as the years went by I decided a career change was needed; so did a ful circle turnaround six years ago to join Trans Africa Safaris  – the best decision I have ever made.  I am a tours consultant/processor – something I really enjoy.  Seeing my clients program grow, change and become reality… I am a memory maker ..which leads into my hobby of scrapbooking, greeting cards, beading, pottery (all crafty things) … all memory makers.   I am the best aunty around with two nephews and three neices….and my “best friend” Cody is an adorable bundle of mischief and much loved in our family.  Something that really gets to me is when the ATM pushes out money this way and that.. grrr.. all has to be neat and facing the same way…

Looking forward to meeting you with your holiday plans.



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