banyan tree mainBanyan Tree

With spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, swaying palm trees and a lush tropical forest, the Banyan Tree Hotel and Spa Resort provides a rare taste of paradise.  The eclectic villa interiors provide a true sense of place – allowing you to experience a signature blend of romance, rejuvenation and exotic sensuality in luxury.


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Desroches Island mainDesroches Island

While privacy, exclusivity and isolation are the greatest attractions, Desroches Island is clothed in exotic island jungle that guests can explore by bicycle or discover the unique fauna and flora.  Keeping yourself occupied while ont he island is a treat to be indulged at your own pace.  Desroches Island has a diverse accommodation offering which affords guest an array of possibilities to ensure the perfect island escape in an untouched Indian Ocean haven.


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Fregate Island mainFregate Private Island 

Four degrees south of the equator, a 20-minute flight away from Mahé, Frégate is a private island of outstanding natural beauty; a uniquely peaceful setting of verdant, tropical interiors and abundant nature fringed by seven dream beaches.  Guests are invited to experience the rare luxuries of space, security and seclusion within a tropical island setting of exuberant natural beauty.


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